Welcome to Middle East Gateway Group

Middle East Gateway, Ltd. Group Founded in 1999 under the chairmanship of Mr. Hatem Al-Turkey, with a goal of being a gateway for international companies to access Middle East Market, as well as a gateway for Arabian products to reach the international market.

Headquarter in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, with representation offices in other Middle East Countries.

MEG has grown a successful capability in providing turnkey solutions to all Middle East countries. With the expansion of executed Business and projects, MEG has built with the most famous international companies and investors by partnership, agency and representation relationships, therefore, MEG has subsequently become a group of specialized companies, for several activities of its business being covered.

Middle East Gateway, Communications & security systems is part of MEG Group, specialized in:
-Telecom, Communications, Microwave systems.
-Security and safety systems, alarming equipments, and Banking techniques.
-IT integration, networks, internet solutions and office equipment.
- Control & SCADA
- CCTV /IP Surveillance Systems /Video Conference .
- Tactical Electronics for Critical Missions.
- Security Systems (Doors, Motion Detectors ,Alarms ,,,ect)
- Road Blockers
- Access control.
- Safety systems ( Fire trucks )
- Electronics for DC &AC Power Systems
- Scientific laboratories supplies
- Solar Systems

In addition to their related works of planning, engineering, designing, operation and maintenance, since MEG has a good database of clients of government sectors, as well as private sectors in Saudi Arabia, Syria and other middle east countries. MEG is specialized in performing turn-key projects and offering integrated engineering solutions and technical support of Communications, security and monitoring systems, and it is aiming to satisfy all its customers requirements in management, development, operation and maintenance, starting from setting technical and budgetary studies and site-survey by using the most advanced and suitable equipment.

Because of high capabilities of MEG, including branches and workshops, and of high educated and skilled staff, with long experienced in administration, operation and maintenance. And of good trading relations with the forefront international companies, the thing that enable us to represent them to the best, and enable us to execute many big projects at middle east region for many government and private sectors.

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